About us

The United Provinces Sugar Company Limited, promoted by the Late F. C. Guthrie, was incorporated on 10th September, 1924 with its registered office in the State of Bengal (West Bengal since 1947). The Company was taken over by the Late Shri N. L. Kanoria group in 1956 and as on date is under the control of Shri Arvind K. Kanoria.


The installed capacity of the sugar factory is 6,000 Tonnes Crushing Per Day (TCD).


Geographically the factory of the Company is situated in the south eastern side of Kushinagar district of Uttar Pradesh on the border of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. The location is near Tamkuhi Road Railway Station of the metre gauge loop line section connecting Gorakhpur with Siwan District (Bihar). Head Quarter Kushinagar and Divisional Head Quarter Gorakhpur are very well connected with Pucca Road and are at a distance of 35 Kms. and 90 Kms. respectively. The reserved area of this factory is surrounded on 3 sides by villages falling in Bihar State.


The soil of the area except the river bed sides i.e. low lying area is calcareous in nature and in commonly known as ‘BHAT’ soil. Sugarcane is very successfully grown on it. Minimum temperature of this area is 18oC to 20oC while the maximum touches 42oC to 45oC. Normally annual rainfall is 50”. Most of the precipitation is during rainy season. Thus the climatic conditions are most suitable for sugarcane cultivation in the area.

The maximum area of operation of factory lies within 20 Kms. radius of the factory comprising 340 revenue villages. The sugarcane growers supply their produce to the factory through the Cane Development Unions.