Code of Conduct

Composition of Various Board Committees
_Policy on Selection and Remuneration of Directors, KMP And Other Employees

Terms and Conditions of Appointment of Independent Director

Criteria of making Payments to Non-Executive Directors , if the same has not been disclosed in Annual Report
The sitting fees presently paid to the Non-Executive Independent Director is ` 5,000/- (Rupees five thousand only)
and NIL per meeting of the Board and the Committee respectively

Policy on Dealing with Related Party Transactions - There is no Related Party Transactions

Policy for Determining Material Subsidiaries - There is no Subsidiary OR Associate Company OR Firm

Details of Familiarization Programmes Imparted to Independent Directors including the following details
1) Number of programmes attended by independent directors (during the year and on a cumulative basis till date) - ONE / THREE 
2) Number of Hours spent by Independent Directors in such programmes (during the year and on cumulative basis till date) - Four / Twelve Hours

Details of Agreements Entered into with the Media Companies and/or their Associates, etc. - NONE

Schedule of Analyst or Institutional Investor Meet and Presentations made by the Listed Entity - NONE
to Analysts or Institutional Investors Simultaneously with Submission to Stock Exchange

New Name and the Old Name of the Listed Entity for a Continuous Period of One Year,
from the Date of the Last Name Change - No Change in the Name of the Company

Vigil Mechanism